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History and Location

Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park, overlooking the world famous "Wine Country" in the Napa Valley, 2 miles beyond the Silverado Country Club, was established in 1971. Over 12,000 pets are at-rest in permanently zoned burial grounds where gardens are cared for year-round. The Park is open for visitation 365 days a year.

. . . "of the 469 Pet Cemeteries in the nation, the largest and most exotic, is BUBBLING WELL PET MEMORIAL PARK in NAPA, CALIFORNIA."
-Boston Sunday Globe July 17, 1977

How Old Are Pet Cemeteries?

Pet Cemeteries are neither new nor a fad. They are as old as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Early Chinese Emperors maintained a Dog Cemetery at Peking with tombstones of marble silver and gold. There are currently Pet Cemeteries throughout the entire world: Paris, Edinburgh, London, Algiers and Russia.

Private Burials

Private Burials are for those who would like to do "a little more": the privilege of visiting their own pet's burial site, making a choice from our quality caskets, including the well-known Hoegh Pet Casket, and selecting a headstone from a variety of reasonably priced materials and sizes. To accommodate pets of all types and descriptions, we have special burial gardens available.


We find a growing number of pet owners requesting their pets be cremated. All pets entrusted to Bubbling Well's care for cremation are handled through our own licensed crematorium. The cremains can be returned to the owner or may be scattered in our St. Francis of Assisi Garden at no additional charge; consult your personal veterinarian for prices pertaining to this service.

For an additional fee, cremains may be interred in our beautiful Cathedral Rocks.

Country Burial

As an alternative to other less desirable forms of pet disposal such as dumping, rendering factories, etc., Bubbling Well provides for a more humane, while still affordable, choice. This is our "COUNTRY BURIALS" Program; a service used by over 350 veterinarians throughout the Bay Area. The "COUNTRY BURIAL" is a common burial or common cremation; one in which the remains or cremains of your pet is placed in the same opening with those of other pets and then covered with earth. The "COUNTRY BURIAL" DOES NOT take place at Bubbling Well, and there is no visitation to the actual burial site due to the terms of our Use Permit. However we want to invite all pet owners to visit the Park where they can see the "Memorial Pet Register" at the base of a Monument dedicated to those pets buried through the "COUNTRY BURIALS" Program. Consult your personal veterinarian for prices concerning this service.

Pre-Need Plan

Our Pre-Need Plan is designed for pet owners who wish to make a selection of a burial site before the loss of a pet, thus alleviating the further emotional stress of making arrangements at the time of need. Under this plan, an initial deposit and small monthly payments will reserve a selected location; then at time of need, "one phone call" will be all that is needed to complete the arrangements. For those pet owners interested in our Pre-Need Plan, we strongly urge E-mailing us or calling our office directly.

Phone Service

We feel that the simple advertising of prices in this web site cannot in the greatest majority of cases serve to intelligently inform because of the many extenuating circumstances surrounding the loss of a beloved pet; we are asking those people who would like to do "a little more" to call us at: (707) 255-3456.

You will be spared the frustration of relating a very personal and meaningful tragedy to a price list that may have no meaning, at a time when you are least equipped to deal with the situation emotionally.

A considerate and understanding representative will be on duty to answer your questions and help in all final arrangements. Your pet will be picked up and kept under refrigeration until time of burial.

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